Live In Care for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease usually hits older people between the age of 60 and 80. Their way of thinking and even their behaviour are affected because of this disease. They tend to become forgetful. They might even reach the point of not remembering who you are. This is really sad, but at present, Alzheimer’s has no cure. It can be delayed though.

If your loved one has this disease, it is more difficult for you to leave home. You know that the patient might inflict self-harm and this is something you really have to avoid. However, since you have to work and attend to the needs of your family, you might face a difficult decision – leaving them in a nursing facility.

Before choosing to send them to a nursing home, consider live in care. This allows you to hire someone to come over and provide medical assistance. Your loved one does not have to leave home.

In doing so, you can be confident that the right kind of care will be given. You can proceed with your other tasks since you know that even if you are not around, your loved one is safe. You can even communicate with the live in nurse all the time, especially in the case of difficult medical situations.

The cost has compensation

The cost of hiring a live in nurse might be a bit higher compared to that of retirement homes or nursing facilities. However, since your loved one has a serious medical condition, it is the best option. You know that serious medical attention will be given.

Aside from medical assistance, the patient will also have someone to converse with when necessary. A live in carer being there as a companion when you can’t will mean a lot to your loved one. They can even go out on trips or engage in other activities. Given all the benefits that live in care offers, whatever amount you spend on it will be compensated by more personalised care, and more time spent with your loved one, making it well worthwhile the cost.

Long-term care

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease. It gets worse over time. Whoever is providing care must be there from the early stages until the latter part. It is a tough job. Going through it on your own could be a difficult challenge. A live in care nurse can also map out a long-term plan so that even if someone else will be in charge, or you decide to do the job yourself, the right care can still be provided.

You can hire nurses from a high-quality care agency. Just tell them what you want from a nurse and the current condition of the patient, so you will be assigned the right person for the job.


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